Postcards from Malaga

Fresh post from my visit in Malaga:

Flights to Malaga from Wroclaw is a pleasure now – there is a direct flight, for example, on Friday morning and returning on Monday. This means a wonderful weekend on the Spanish coast.
The flight takes 3.40 mins so quite bearable and the best thing is that after landing you can take the train for 1.8 euros and within 10 mins to get to the city center.
This is a great option as personally I do not like these long trips from the airport.
For sleeping I chose website  –  Chinitas hostel  – place in the center of the center 🙂 at the Plaza de la Constitution, it’s a really great location and THE VIEW !!!  from the terrace. Breakfast included, I thought it was a joke :))) Tea fine,but baguette with tomato sauce …. hmmm so for breakfast I would recommend something more nutritious, like a baguette with ham Serano next to the hostel and consumption in the square under the fountain – definitely a better option.
What to visit in Malaga – definitely worth to take a bus ride (red line) to the park – Jardín Botánico-Histórico La Concepción  there are many lovely places.
Walking through the streets of Malaga will often take us to some beautiful place. This was the first time I had not been prepared  for the tour (always have maps of places worth seeing, routes, reviews)
Of course the main places in Malaga (top of Malaga) I had googled (otherwise I would not have been myself 🙂 but the rest was already pure accident.
Walking from the square to the square (a lof of in the city) I visited the Teatro Romano from where you can climb to the Castillo de Gibralfaro, from where expands a beautiful view of the sea, the center of Málaga and the surrounding hills region. On Sunday afternoon free entry (although it normally costs 2 euros). On Sundays, there is also a free admission to the Picasso Museum for the last 2 hours. Even if someone is not a fan of his art it is worth a look.
Atarazanas Market is a mini version of Barcelona’s La Boqueria, but be careful …. at the market my wallet was stolen and unfortunately with personal identity 🙁 And it was the first time (ok the 2nd) once met me something unhappy at departure, but also learned something to keep an eye on your things even more than usual.
A quick action and telephone call to the consulate, I was afraid I would not return to Poland on Monday …. but at the consulate informed  me that for a 90% – confirmation about the theft from the Police and color scanned ID should be enough, and me as a wary traveler had a colorful scan so I was a little calm, but only a little. Restlessness reassured the evening Sangria 🙂
I encourage everyone to take a photo or scan of all the documents and send them to any virtual mail that saved me from an extra trip to Madrid to the consulate. In Malaga there is a consulate, but I do not know if you can get a temporary passport there.
It’s from those less pleasant things … coming back to the pleasant ones ….
Evenings in Málaga can be spent at the center of any atmospheric restaurant, with guitar sounds, eating seafood paella, which is unbeatable!
Or in the marina of Puerto de Málaga admiring the sunsets ……….





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