I was dreaming about NY for a very long time and not because of watching “Sex and the City” or “Friends” but because I wanted to know what really Frank Sinatra means by singing “New York”.I was wondering whether it is only a city worth visiting or even to live in .

Each time after visiting a new place I ask myself two questions:
1. if I want to live here or just visit;
2. I’m looking for one word that captures the reality, the full picture of the city.
Coming back to the topic …

NY proved to be the place to live.
I was fond of almost everything – the crowds, the noise, the roar of the city. What’s more, there’s always something going on any time of a day or night, and that’s why NYC will not let me get bored.
Therefore my word for NYC is possibilities.
NY offers unlimited possibilities …. here you can try everything from cuisine from all over the world (ecological innovations, incredible sweets, ice cream, juices) to sightseeing, dance, revel, relax or jog in The Central Park.
At one moment it allows you to be in Italy (Little Italy) to immediately move to China (China Town) or walk the shores of the beach at Coney Island.
The possibilities are amazing privilege of NY because I know that I want to go back, and certainly I could live there.